Homecoming: Bouts, Corsages and MUCH More

Let’s Talk Homecoming

Homecoming Dance. A time-honored right of passage that has kids all over the nation eager to kick up their heels with their closest friends. And, whether you’re going with a romantic interest or with “just a friend”, nothing says “Hey, you’re cool enough to hang out with for an evening” like FLOWERS!

The term “corsage” in French literally means “bodice”, whereas “boutonniere” means “buttonhole”. So, these terms were purely a describer of the location where these ceremonial flowers were worn (usually on the left lapel or shoulder).

These days, with fancy and delicate fabrics, along with advanced floral techniques—we can be a lot more inventive! Now, don’t get me wrong, pin-on corsages and boutonnieres are still a classic way to adorn your date. However, there are a lot more options out there.

Have you ever considered:

Wrist Corsage: This is a like a mini-bouquet that you don’t have to hold (it wraps around your wrist on a sparkly, stretchy bracelet), and it won’t poke holes through your expensive satin dress.

Hair Flowers: This option would take more coordinating with your date—only because your date needs to want to wear flowers in their hair! This option is for someone who doesn’t want anything on their wrist, and someone who is interested in making a statement. This look can go uber-romantic (think a comb of flowers slid into a low chignon) or ultra-modern (think edgy clip to tuck back your fringe).

Flower Belt: This option isn’t for everyone—it’s like a wrist corsage, but attached to a long length of ribbon that you can wrap around your waist and tie in a bow or knot to make it like an actual accessory on your dress.

Whatever your festive mood strikes you, Haute House Studio has got you covered. Make sure you coordinate with your date what colors will work best (if you don’t know, white is always a safe choice) and ORDER YOURS TODAY! Contact us with any questions.

Photo credits (left to right): 1st row: First 4 Haute House Studio, Poly Mendes. 2nd row: Brian Bossany, Poly Mendes, Jenny Sewell, Corbin Gurkin, Brynn Wheatley

Marsha Hunt