Haute Entertaining Idea: Edible Flowers

Whether it’s your next dinner party, a casual Sunday family dinner or even a kids birthday party, HAUTE-n your entertaining game by adding edible flowers to the food you are serving. Most commonly, edible flowers are in a green salad, but you can also dress up a dessert or cheese plate, or top your entree with blooming color. We love the idea of purchasing seeds at a local nursery or websites like Amazon or Etsy and growing your own edible flowers. However, you can skip that step too and purchase here. Bonus: certain edible flowers also have health benefits - so why not give it a try!

If you need edible flower recipes, we found a great resource on SheKnows.com that has everything from cake to pizza to salad and even popsicles. We also love it in cocktails - vodka, St. Germain (elderflower) and rose petals from Penzy’s in Uptown - so refreshing.

Marsha Hunt