Haute House Studio: DIY Pillowcases


Haute House Studio team member, florist and interior designer Sonia Prickett has mad DIY skills. One day while her son was doing school work in the basement, she took a look around at her old pillows and decided to give them a fresh new look. How “spring” is that?

Here is her step-by-step guide (with pictures below) to sprucing up your pillows. All you need is a little creative skill, imagination, determination and…a sewing machine. Note: The original pillow’s didn’t have removable covers so Sonia simply cut the pillow cover off of the pillow.  She did note that the foam has to be in decent shape to complete this project.

Sonia’s Guide to Pillow Covers

1.  Make a pattern for your design.  There are many options, but I chose the rustic farmhouse look as it’s so popular right now and it makes for an easy design because you can leave the ends unfinished.  “X” and “O” are not only perfect for a sweetheart couch (or a regular couch, chairs, etc.),, but make an easy pattern because they are symmetrical.

2.  Find some fabric.  This project uses fabrics that have texture, reinforcing the rustic look.  Measure out two pieces to be 3/4 larger than the pillow.  Pin your pattern on the accent piece and cut it 1/4” larger.  Pin the cut fabric with the accent fabric still attached to center of one of the cut pillow squares and sew just on the edge of the pattern.

3. Putting it together. As with any pillow project, put the two squares together facing each other. Mark your 3/4 allowance - this will keep your lines straight. Now it’s time to start sewing. Being 2" in from one corner, sew around the other three sides and finish 2" in from the corner that is on the same edge. This will leave an open gap and allow you to do step 4.Facing each other. 

4. Time to finish. Cut the corners of the fabric being careful not to cut the sewn part.  With the gap from step 3, pull the inside out and use a pointed object to push out the corners.  Lastly, put your pillow inside and sew the open gap by hand. Voila - you did it!

Marsha Hunt