Haute House Entertaining: Green Your Lunch

Staying with our two themes this month - green and consistency - our team created a photo-worthy “green” lunch inspired by one of our favorite herbs - mint. Mint is such a lovely plant, the color, shape and of course the smell. Not only is it delicious in foods and drinks, but it’s also beautiful in floral arrangements. We recently did a bouquet filled with mint (see picture below) and it was stunning.

As for consistency, when we are all working together at the studio or on-site, one thing we do consistently is eat lunch together. Beyond regularly scheduled team meetings, it’s a great time to sit down, take a moment, catch up, check-in on to-do’s and each other’s outside life (so important!) - nourishing the body and mind. Here is our take on greening your lunch. Bon Appetit!

Sandwiches: This amazing sandwich recipe was found here. We cannot say enough good things about the aioli spread - so good!

Pasta: Creating homemade pasta is a great family activity or date night at home. Make your pasta, add green food coloring and voila. The key is a good pasta maker such as this one. Top with olive oil and garlic, tomatoes, grilled chicken and/or vegetables and your sauce of choice. One idea - we love this avocado spinach sauce.

Salad: Haute House Studio team member Sonia is known for her salad creations. This arugula salad includes olive oil, roasted tomatoes, wheatberries, yellow peppers, feta cheese and a tahini mint dressing. Here is a wonderful recipe for the dressing.

Fruit: A combination of green fruit, mint and edible gold to add a little glitz. Edible gold leaf is available online, even through Amazon, although many speciality cake stores carry gold leaf or gold flakes too.

Vegetables: With so many great options for a green veggie tray, this was easy to put together and easy to eat. For dipping, we used the dressing from the sandwiches above.

Macaroons: These were purchased from Patisserie Margo in Edina.

Drink: A take on a Moscow Mule, we call this the “March Mule.” It combines cucumber/mint infused vodka and ginger beer. We sliced up about one-third of a cucumber and threw in approximately a handful of mint and let it infuse for about 12-24 hours. Delish! We recently toured the new Royal Foundry Craft Spirits in Minneapolis, and we can’t say enough about their spirits so it’s worth trying their vodka in this cocktail.

Marsha Hunt